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50 Resources for Equipping the Church on Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage    
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The Gospel Coalition exists to serve the church. To help fulfill this mession, TGC has joined with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention on Equip, a project to provide a broad range of resources on homosexuality and same-sex marriage issues to prepare your church for a changing culture.
If you're looking for something to share with people in your church in order to better equip them to discuss homosexuality, same-sex attraction, same-sex marriage, or the biblical view of sexuality, consider one of the following 50 resources:

Understanding the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Decision

The Supreme Court issued its ruling on the case of Obergefell v. Hodges. Here is what you should know about this historic legal decision on marriage.
In the ruling and four dissents—which total 103 pages—there are dozens of interesting and important quotes. Here are 50 key passages you should know about.
What exactly does the 14th Amendment protect and how did five Supreme Court justices determine that it includes same-sex marriage?
What you should know about the Supreme Court's historic ruling on two same-sex marriage cases.

How Christians Can Respond Right Now

The Court now has disregarded thousands of years of definition of the most foundational unit of society, and the cultural changes here will be broad and deep. So how should the church respond?
As we come to realize the faults in the LGBT community, we may find we're seeing a mirror image of the faults in ourselves.
Something Greater Than Marriage
Rosaria Butterfield and Christopher Yuan, TGC
If singleness is unfair, then it’s no wonder marriage has become a right.
Christopher Yuan encourages the church to see those in the LGBT community not as opponents to be defeated, but as broken sinners who need the life-giving message of Jesus.

Preparing for What Comes Next

What happened between Friday and Monday is a window into the future for the issues of marriage and religious liberty. Here’s what Christians need to do next.
In some form or another, your church will have to address the marriage revolution. Here’s how to be prepared.
Four years ago, our current President said he personally opposed same-sex marriage. Today, the Supreme Court has found a Constitutional right to same-sex marriage, contra all recorded sociopolitical, religious, and human history.
We are living in the midst of an unprecedented sexual revolution, one that presents particular challenges to Christians and those committed to religious liberty.
Regaining the ground Christians have lost on homosexuality will require widespread repentance, painful self-examination, and new resolve to pursue self-denying holiness.

Talking to Family and Friends

If you consider yourself a Bible-believing Christian, a follower of Jesus whose chief aim is to glorify God and enjoy him forever, here are important questions I hope you will consider before picking up your flag and cheering on the sexual revolution.
To my friends in the church embracing gay marriage, I offer these four “appeals.” I don’t expect those who have studied this issue thoroughly and landed squarely in that camp will necessarily find these appeals new or convincing. But I’m also seeing a lot of Christians, particularly younger millennials, whose openness to gay marriage seems to me more impulsive, emotional, uncareful.
A roundtable discussion with Jani Ortlund, Stephanie Goeke, Krissie Inserra, Trillia Newbell, and Jena Starke.
In a series of short videos, Sam Allberry explains how you can minister to your friends and church members who are same-sex attracted.
In talking with a number of Christians last week I was struck by how the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage brought such an unsettling clarity to their perspective.

Responding to Questions About Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

Why Not Gay Marriage?
Kevin DeYoung, TGC
The challenge before the church is to convince ourselves as much as anyone that believing the Bible does not make us bigots, just as reflecting the times does not make us relevant.
When the Bible uniformly and unequivocally says the same thing about a serious sin, it seems unwise to find a third way which allows for some people (in a church, organization, or denomination) to be for the sin and other people to be against the sin.
The gospel shows us there is forgiveness for all who have sinned sexually, and it liberates us from the mindset that sex is intrinsic to human fulfillment.
In this video, Tim Keller, John Piper, and Don Carson consider an increasingly aggressive line of questions.
An examination of the question of whether whether race and sexual orientation are similar and equally deserving of legal protections.
As fallen human beings, we tend to explain away or excuse our sin. It's part of our desires to justify ourselves apart from the blood of Christ.
In this video, Russell Moore, J. D. Greear, and Voddie Baucham tackle this complex and critical topic.
What we give up for Jesus does not compare to what he gives back. If the costs are great, the rewards are even greater, even in this life.
Recently my teenage son came home telling me of a conversation with an unbelieving friend about the gospel. He was encouraged to have been able to talk through specifics of what the truth of the gospel is and how someone becomes a Christian.

Legal and Religious Liberty Implications

The threat from these non-discrimination laws will materialize in numerous ways as same-sex couples marry. But there are proactive steps your church can take to protect itself.
In the aftermath of today’s Supreme Court ruling, attention is turning to how the Court’s ruling will affect the religious liberty of those who disagree with its redefinition of marriage.
With seven words—“It is going to be an issue”—the U.S. government signaled to orthodox Christian colleges and universities that if they don’t drop their opposition to same-sex marriage they will lose their tax exempt status.

Providing a Pastoral Response

Tim Keller engages five common arguments in gay-affirming literature.
On the Desiring God Ask Pastor John podcast, Tony Reinke asks New Testament scholar and TGC president Don Carson about same-sex marriage.
How to preach in light of the SCOTUS decision.
This has gotten complicated, and the Supreme Court ruling just made things worse. Being a pastor in 2015—a world in which whatever you feel, you are—makes communicating a biblical sexual ethic difficult.
Those of us who believe in biblical marriage must also be careful to speak in a way that acknowledges the growing number of men and women in evangelical churches who have desires for persons of the same sex and know that God does not want them to act on those desires.
Below is my response to an e-mail I received that asked the following question: “I believe church should be for all of God’s children. No exceptions. I am a gay man. My question is, would I be fully accepted with no judgment and fully welcome and able to serve at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church?”
In the end, we aren’t trying to make people straight, we want people to be saved.
Letter to a Struggling Gay Christian
Augustus Nicodemus Lopes, TGC
Conversion doesn't mean perfection, and it doesn’t mean the absence of temptation—including homosexual desire.
The Bible says the Lord alone is God and we should have no other gods before him. Not the state, not the Supreme Court, not our families, not our friends, not our favorite authors, not our cultural cache. No gods but God.

Practical Advice for Loving Your Homosexual Neighbors

Probably sooner than later, every Christian must decide whether or not you will attend a same-sex wedding.
I would argue that the situation is very different from photographing some other event, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the clients' sexual or marital context. The fact that this is a wedding means there’s a different moral question for you.
Watch Rosaria Butterfield discuss how to understand and love our gay and lesbian friends.

Background on Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

Here are nine things you should know about this controversial topic.
The New Purpose of Marriage
Collin Hansen, TGC
Marriage based on needs and affection will struggle to endure when the needs change and the affection fades.
What you should know about the redefinition of monogamy and same-sex relationships.
How did we reach a point where an institution older than recorded history could be redefined and altered by an idea unknown before the year 2000?
Gay Is Not the New Black
Voddie Baucham, TGC
There is no legal, logical, moral, biblical, or historical reason to support same-sex 'marriage.'
Just once, I’d like to see a TV interview go more like this.
Tom Oden, writing in his book Requiem way back in 1995, explains how it happens.
Interact with people in our society about issues related to sex, and you’ll quickly discover how everyone seems to be a libertarian.
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